24/10/2017 – 26/10/2017

Bremen, Germany

PROGRESS was presented through the project partner DLR GfR.

SPACE TECH EXPO EUROPE is “The Largest Dedicated Space Technology Trade Fair in Europe.”

(SPACE TECH EXPO EUROPE (2017) SPACE TECH EXPO EUROPE [Online], SPACE TECH EXPO EUROPE. Available at: [Accessed 21 August 2017])


13/09/2017 – 14/09/2017

Brussels, Belgium

PROGRESS was represented at a workshop focussed on exchanging knowledge and experience regarding resilience-related research efforts in European Union funded projects.

The workshop was part of the European Commission sponsored event “8th Community of users on safe, secure and resilient societies”.

(More information on the Community of users is available at: [Accessed 8 September 2017].)


23/07/2017 – 27/07/2017

Bengaluru, Karnataka State, India

PROGRESS partners will present 2 papers entitled: “Vulnerability assessment of GNSS antennas to various threats” and “Innovative shielding effectiveness measurement system”.

“ASIAEM 2017 provides a forum for the international scientific and engineering community in High-Power Electromagnetics.”

(ASIAEM2017 (2017) ASIAEM2017 [Online], ASIAEM2017. Available at: [Accessed 6 April 2017])



London, United Kingdom

PROGRESS will make a poster presentation on the project and answer questions on present project results.

“This year the 11th International Crime Science Conference will take place on Wednesday, 12th July 2017 at the British Library in London. The theme of this year’s conference is “The future of crime: how the crime and security landscape is evolving, and what we can do to respond.” 

The conference will showcase leading research that is helping to tackle threats to our society. In particular, it will focus on the way crime and security providers are responding to the challenges created by “crimes of the future”. Topics covered will include Future Crimes; Cyber Security, Future Forensics, Security Technologies 2050, The Evolving Terrorist; Organised Crime; Policing the Future, Transport Crime, and Data and Crime. 

Once again, the conference brings together senior security practitioners, policy-makers, technologists and academics, all developing the latest techniques and technologies for preventing crime and increasing security.”

(UCL (2017) International Crime Science Conference [Online], UCL. Available at: [Accessed 4 July 2017])

6th European Ground System Architecture Workshop

20/06/2017 – 21/06/2017

Darmstadt, Germany

PROGRESS gave a presentation entitled: “Innovative solution for extended resilience of GNSS” and also a poster presentation at the exhibition.

“ESAW provides an international forum for ground systems architects to constructively exchange ideas. The organisers invite presentations covering all aspects of ground systems related to space operations with a special focus on collaboration and common solutions.

There will be keynote speakers from NASA/GSFC, NASA/JPL, ESA, National Agencies (e.g. ASI, CNES, DLR), telecommunications operators (e.g. Eutelsat, Inmarsat, SES Astra) and key IT companies.

Each session will address the architectures, methodologies, services, lessons learned, business cases and advanced technologies in each area.”

(ESA (2017) 6th European Ground System Architecture Workshop [Online], ESA. Available at: [Accessed 2 June 2017])

Workshop on cyber attacks to critical infrastructures


Brussels, Belgium

PROGRESS partners gave a presentation entitled “PROGRESS Network Security Improvement Approach – a Detection and Control of Threats on a System Level” at a workshop focussed on exchanging knowledge and experience regarding the security and resilience of critical infrastructures against cyber attacks.

The workshop was part of the European Commission sponsored event “7th Community of users on safe, secure and resilient societies”.

(More information on the Community of users is available at: [Accessed 11 May 2017].)

Thales Research and Technologies Journée de Palaiseau (JPAL) 2016


Paris, France

The On board Security Unit for protecting Telemetry, Tracking and Control (TT&C) developed in the project was presented at the Thales internal “Journée de Palaiseau” – a one day seminar for presentations and demonstrations from across Thales Divisions and Thales Research and Technology (TRT) facilities.

ION GNSS+ 2016

12/09/2016 – 16/09/2016

Portland, Oregon, USA

The paper “PROGRESS project: Jamming and spoofing detection and localization system for protection of GNSS ground-based infrastructures” was included in the proceedings of the technical meeting.

“ION GNSS+ is the world’s largest technical meeting and showcase of GNSS technology, products and services.”

(The Institute of Navigation (2016) ION GNSS+ [Online], ION. Available at: [Accessed 6 April 2017])

11th Future Security 2016

13/09/2016 – 14/09/2016

Berlin, Germany

PROGRESS partners presented a paper on an exploration of the consequences of potential malfunctions of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS).

“The ‘Future Security’ conference series provides an interdisciplinary exchange platform for scientists, experts and actors from research, industry, public bodies and authorities. This conference provides direct insight into current security research activities and hot topics in this field.”

(Fraunhofer VVS (2016) 11th Future Security 2016 [Online], Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. Available at: [Accessed 6 June 2016])

EMC Europe 2016 – International Symposium and Exhibition on Electromagnetic Compatibility

05/09/2016 – 09/09/2016

Wroclaw, Poland

PROGRESS partners presented a paper on the High Power Microwaves (HPM) threat detection system and protection strategies.

“The intent of EMC Europe 2016 organizers is to create an excellent forum for useful contacts and exchange of scientific and technical information between researchers and practicing engineers from academia, research laboratories, industry and government agencies. The symposium gives the unique opportunity to present the progress and results of their work and to exchange ideas, discuss different points of view and share experiences with colleagues involved in EMC (electromagnetic compatibility).”

(Wroclaw University of Technology (2016) EMC Europe 2016 [Online], EMC Europe. Available at: [Accessed 6 June 2016])

EUROEM 2016 – European Electromagnetics Symposium

11/07/2016 – 14/07/2016

London, UK

PROGRESS presented a paper on the identification of high powered electromagnetic (HPEM) threats and protection strategies.

“EUROEM 2016 provided a fantastic opportunity for the HPEM community to come together, to share knowledge, to understand new challenges and perhaps to find solutions to those challenges. The conference also provided a space to network with colleagues and leading figures in the field, from Europe and the rest of the world.”

(The Institution of Engineering and Technology (2016) EUROEM 2016 [Online], IET. Available at: [Accessed 28 July 2016])

European Space Solutions 2016 (ESS 2016)

30/05/2016 – 03/06/2016

The Hague, the Netherlands

“The event explored how space makes a difference to the lives, and livelihoods, of people across Europe and around the globe… Participants learnt about new innovations that harness information from the European flagship space programmes, Galileo and EGNOS (satellite navigation) and Copernicus (Earth observation), and the EU’s Horizon 2020 research programme, for a wide range of applications, gather insights about current developments, and discuss what is possible and needed in the future.“

(European Space Solutions 2016 (2016) About the Conference [Online], European GNSS Agency (GSA). Available at: [Accessed 21 April 2016])

Security Research and Innovation 2016 (SRIE 2016)

01/06/2016 – 02/06/2016

The Hague, the Netherlands

“SRIE2016 was the event where  industry, governments and knowledge institutions come together to discuss the latest security challenges for Europe. It demonstrated the strength and inspiring results of innovation and cooperation in the security domain“

(Security Research and Innovation 2016 (2016) About the Conference [Online], The Hague Security Delta. Available at: [Accessed 13 May 2016])

BMBF-Innovationsforum „Zivile Sicherheit“

(German Federal Ministry for Education and Research: Civil Security – Perspectives for the Future)

12/04/2016 – 13/04/2016

Berlin, Germany

The event was targeted at civil security “actors” in science, industry, user sectors, authorities and politics. It offered a broad platform for the discussion of interdisciplinary civil security challenges and the presentation or research and development results.

More information

Munich Satellite Navigation Summit 2016

01/03/2016 – 03/03/2016

Munich, Germany

“The Munich Satellite Navigation Summit is a conference with global impact dealing with satellite navigation now and in the future. The one-of-a-kind convention of high-ranking worldwide speakers from industry, science and governments provides the participants with a broad overview and different perspectives on the latest developments in the field of GNSS.”

(Munich Satellite Navigation Summit (2015) Where Navigation Meets the World [Online], Munich Satellite Navigation Summit. Available at: [Accessed 6 April 2016])

66th International Astronautical Congress (IAC) 2015

12/11/2015 – 16/11/2015

Jerusalem, Israel

“The IAC is the platform by which over 40 administrative and technical committees support the Federation in its mission to advance knowledge about space and to foster the development of space assets by facilitating global cooperation.”

(International Astronautical Congress (2015) IAC Conference [Online], International Astronautical Federation. Available at: [Accessed 6 April 2016])

IT Security Expo and Congress

06/10/2015 – 08/10/2015

Nuremberg, Germany

“Originating from the Security Forum of Systems Munich, the event is one of the most important IT security exhibitions in the world. It offers the opportunity to specifically discuss IT security and exhibit products and services in IT security. In 2015, there was more than 428 companies and 9.015 trade visitors.”

(it-sa (2016) it-sa The Trade Fair for IT Security [Online], NürnbergMesse. Available at: [Accessed 6 April 2016])

Galileo Service Operator (GSOp) Meeting


Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany

A meeting of Galileo service operators to discuss the portfolio of relevant projects

5th ESA/ESOC European Ground System Architecture Workshop (ESAW)

16/06/2015 – 17/06/2015

Darmstadt, Germany

“The workshop provided an international forum for the constructive exchange of ideas, the latest research and best practices in the area of ground system architecture for space missions. The programme included the security of data systems security and information assurance”

(European Space Operations Centre (2015) ESAW 2015 [Online], European Space Agency. Available at: [Accessed 6 April 2016])

Information Day “Secure Societies” 2015


Bonn, Germany

The information day was organised by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research. It focussed on the development of new research and innovation project ideas for the European Horizon 2020 programme section Secure Societies. It provided the opportunity to communicate to civil security actors the focus of the development in PROGRESS.

“The Future of Peace and Security” Workshop


Ljubljana, Slovenia

This workshop was organised by the President of the Republic of Slovenia to assess the resilience of society. PROGRESS (University of Ljubljana) presented the high societal and economic damage in the case of GNSS malfunction.

PROGRESS Experts Workshop


Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The PROGRESS expert workshop was held with invited external experts to make a further step in the assessment of the societal, economic and cross-sectoral effects of GNSS malfunctioning in the EU.

Innovation for a Secure Society


Ottobrunn, Germany

The event was organised by the German civil security network “fit4sec”. It offered a broad platform for the discussion of interdisciplinary civil security challenges and the presentation of research and development results.

Secure Societies – Bridging the Gap between Research to Innovation


Brussels, Belgium

The workshop was organised by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research. It concentrated on developing maximal synergies between national and European civil security research and innovation also through the the presentation of research and development results.

Horizon 2020 Workshop on GNSS RTD


Brussels, Belgium

“Organised by the European Commission in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA) and the GNSS Agency (GSA), this event was held to consult stakeholders of the European GNSS community on RTD areas of potential interest to be funded under Horizon 2020 in the period 2015-2020. The scope included Galileo / EGNOS infrastructure, mission and services R&D, GNSS signals, and basic GNSS RTD.”

(Directorate General Enterprise – GNSS RTD (2014) Satellite navigation – Workshop: EGNSS research and technology development [Online], European Commission. Available at: [Accessed 6 April 2016])