Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission (CEA)


CEA is a French government funded technological research organisation divided in 4 sectors: nuclear energy, military applications and global security, fundamental research (material sciences and life sciences) and technological research (micro-nanotechnologies, systems integration and software intensive systems, new technologies for energy). A transversal direction (Direction Security and Non-proliferation) has been created inside CEA to coordinate the various actions of CEA in the domain of global security. The major topics are support to the authorities in the fight against terrorism, numerous R&D actions for better threat detection and identification as well as the various projects for the protection of critical infrastructures and of information and communication systems.

CEA-Gramat was the project co-ordinator and leader of the work on threat analysis and risk assessment. Further focuses of its work were on the provision of solutions to increase the physical protection and resilience of infrastructure and on test and evaluation.

Nicolas Ribière-Tharaud


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