The first phase was focused on: the design of a baseline architecture of a generic Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and its associated augmentation system; the socio-economic context of satellite systems and particularly GNSS within Europe; the determination of a suitable system risk assessment methodology; and the start of project communication and exploitation work.

The second phase was focused on: a risk assessment of the generic GNSS design considering technical, operational and social impacts; and the determining of the specific requirements to be placed on the prototype threat detection system and protection solutions developed in the project.

The third phase was focused on defining: the architecture of an Integrated Ground Station Monitoring System (IGSSMS) with a focus on malicious types of threats and a Security Control Centre (SCC) responsible for analysing detected malicious threats and proposing mitigation strategies.

The fourth phase was focused on: developing the IGSSMS and SCC and preparing the test beds for their evaluation as a Security Management Solution (SMS).

The fifth phase is focused on: integration of the IGSSMS and SCC into test beds; their testing; eventual development iterations; and agreement on how the project results will be exploited.